Self Cleaning Pet Brush - B003BC8H72

Self Cleaning Pet Brush - B003BC8H72

Product Code: B003BC8H72
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  • Press the button and the embedded hair is pushed off the bristles of the brush

  • Removes debris and shedding hair - wet or dry!

  • Ideal for long or short haired animals

  • Soft bristles promote a healthier shiny coat

  • Save time and effort getting the hair from between the bristles manually

  • The self cleaning pet brush removes unwanted shedding hair, leaving your pet's sensitive skin unharmed. It is a one motion hair release system. All you have to do is slide your thumb forward and the built up hair is removed from the brush. Remove your thumb and continue grooming. It also make a great wash brush - try it next time you give your pet a bath - the results are amazing!

    Self Cleaning Pet Brush - B003BC8H72

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