Bayer Mats Absorbent - B00NWQZOD2

Bayer Mats Absorbent - B00NWQZOD2

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  • Nappies 60 x 90 10pcs Bayer absorbent mats with stickers

  • Product For Animals

  • Supplied in a safe and protected against any damage.

  • Quality product, with possibility of made within 30 days of the delivery of the article

  • The Bayer pet home clean mats are designed to offer a easy solution
    The puppies or get used to it and effective to those who should educate their dogs to do the needs
    Only allinterno well-defined of spaces.
    Are Very Useful In Case Of Dogs sick or distress of incontinence and for the females
    During the cycle.
    The mats Bayer pet home clean protect the home ensuring maximum
    Hygiene and safety and eliminating bad odours.
    The material with which are made from the mats contieni polymer that when
    Come into contact with LURINA turned into gel, preventing the escape
    And capturing bad odours.
    The mats are also equipped with stickers that allow them to the floor.
    The embossing of fabric allows a rapid absorption of s, ensuring
    Long lintegrità of the product.

    Bayer Mats Absorbent - B00NWQZOD2

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